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Toronto “Klevo Lapai” Mens Hockey Team Ends the Season with an Impressive Second Place Finish


This year’s Baltic Cup tourney highlighted some of the best hockey we’ve ever seen! Every game was settled by one goal and the pace of the games was breathtaking, start to finish! I’m not going to get into the details of the games, because you simply had to see it to believe it! If you’re curious of how it all went down, then feel free to visit our blog at balticcup.blogspot.ca. Suffice it to say that the Latvians beat us Lithuanians in the final, but it took an overtime goal to do it. The Klevo Lapai had several opportunities to seal the victory, but got thwarted by a few goalposts and some questionable penalties. The tournament MVP award was given to Ben Cottreau for his 7 goal contribution (including a hat trick in game #2!)

The Cup and all accolades should really go to all our fans, who came out in record numbers, and donated to our charities like never before! Collectively, our 3 teams collected around $1600, of which over $500 will be given to Labdara Nursing Home on behalf of the “Klevo Lapai”. There was extra incentive for the fans to donate, as we had an abundance of prizes graciously donated by The Toronto Sun. At the top of the list were 2 pairs of Toronto Rock Playoff tickets! The extra prizes and record numbers really set an electric atmosphere in the arena. You could just feel (and hear) the passion for hockey, and for our nations.

The TKL would like to thank everyone who came out, donated, cheered, and helped promote the tournament. Special thanks to the volunteers who helped at the door, and the photographers who captured the action on ice. The Baltic Cup is alive and well, and looking towards the future. We don’t know how we can top this next year, but will certainly try. Have a great off-season, and can’t wait to see you all next year!

Danius Lelis

Toronto “Klevo Lapai” vyrų ledo ritulio komanda baigia sezoną laimėdami antrą vietą

Šių metų Baltic Cup rungtynės Toronte buvo pačios įdomiausios. Kiekvienas žaidimas laimėtas tik vienu tašku, kiekvienas įtemptas iki pat pabaigos. Net neįmanoma paaiškinti – aplankykite mūsų tinklalapį balticcup.blogspot.ca. Deja latviai nugalėjo lietuvius, bet jie sugebėjo mus įveikti tik “overtime” žaidime.

Rungtynių (MVP) geriausias žaidėjas – Ben Cottreau, įmušęs 7 taškus.

Visi žaidėjai yra ypatingai dėkingi žiūrovams, kurių buvo daugiau negu bet kada. Iš viso labdaringiems tikslams per visas tris komandas surinkta per $1600, kurių bent $500 Toronto “Klevo lapai” paaukos Labdaros slaugos namams. “The Toronto Sun” dienraštis paskyrė laimikių, kurių populiariausi buvo 2 poros bilietų Toronto Rock Playoff renginiui. Dėkojame visiems, kurie atėjo, aukojo ir padėjo skelbti šias rungtynes, ypač savanoriams ir fotografams.

Lauksime vėl visų ateinančiais metais!

D. Lelis, Toronto “Klevo lapai”


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