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Window on Eurasia: Lithuania Could Become Putin’s Danzig Corridor, Portnikov Says


Window on Eurasia – A blog by Paul Goble

Paul Goble is an American analyst, writer and columnist with expertise on Russia, Eurasia, public diplomacy and international broadcasting. He has published more than 150 articles on ethnic and nationality questions, served as a special adviser on Soviet nationality issues and Baltic affairs to Secretary of State James Baker. He currently teaches at the Institute of World Politics. His blog, Window on Eurasia, covers current events in Russia and the nations of the former Soviet Union, with a focus on issues of ethnicity and religion. The issues covered are often not those written about on the front pages of newspapers; instead, the articles in the Windows series focus on those issues that either have not been much discussed or provide an approach to stories that have been. Frequent topics include civil rights, radicalism, Russian Islam, the Russian Orthodox Church, and events in the North Caucasus, among others. New entries are added daily. Follow the link below to read one of Goble’s article, published in June 2014, about Lithuanian-Russia relations.

Window on Eurasia: Lithuania Could Become Putin’s Danzig Corridor, Portnikov Says

originally published Thursday, June 12, 2014 Paul Goble Staunton, June 12 – Many commentators have pointed out that Russia’s strategy and tactics in Ukraine are a more or less complete copy of the ones Hitler used against Poland and Stalin used in the Baltic countries. But if one looks beyond Ukraine, it is entirely possible that Vladimir Putin will copy another Nazi operation… Read more


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