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World Zep Day & Pasaulio Cepelinų Diena Revisited


It’s not a secret that Lithuanians love their food. Among these especially – Zeppelins! A traditional dish consisting of grated potatoes stuffed with minced meet, boiled to perfection and topped with10353580_403136463197326_3925456600506124605_n sautéed onion, bacon bits, loads of butter and sour cream.

This year, the second annual World Zep Day was celebrated on Sunday, February 1st. Lithuanian’s across the globe, including in Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Japan, America, and Canada indulged in the second annual celebration.

Detroit native, Juozas Vaiciunas founded the event in 2014 to coincide with America’s Superbowl festivities, claiming that the oval zeppelins perfectly resemble footballs.

If you’ve never made zeppelins in your life, below is a great recipe for all beginners. Start practicing now for World Zep Day 2016!

Cepelinai for Beginners [Recipe]
by June on January 28, 2015

dsc_0275_1The first time I made cepelinai I failed miserably. And the second time. And probably the third time. After that, I called it quits and resolved only to eat cepelinai that had been prepared for me by someone who knew what they were talking about – either at a restaurant or by one of our Lithuanian friends.

It’s not that cepelinai are particularly difficult to prepare, it’s just that the concepts were so foreign to me. I was told that they were made with grated potato…(READ MORE)

Vasario 1-ma buvo pasaulinė cepelinų diena

Sekmadienį, vasario 1-ąją, antrą kartą visame pasaulyje buvo švenčiama Pasaulinė cepelinų diena; Cepelinų gamybos paslaptis prisiminė Australijos, Didžiosios Britanijos, Airijos, Ispanijos, Norvegijos bei Amerikos lietuviai. Kai kurie būrėsi ir šventė kartu su bendruomenėmis, kiti cepelinus gamino namuose kartu su šeimomis.

Detroite gyvenančio lietuvio Juozo Vaičiūno iniciatyvą surengti Pasaulinę cepelinų dieną vainikavo Amerikos lietuvių bendruomenės šventė.


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