Neringa100 Capital Campaign reached the goal! $1,000,000 raised!

Valio! Valio! Valio!
Amazing! We did it!
“Visi kartu!” Together we raised $1,000,000!!!

In just over one year close to 500 donors came together to reach the goal of the Neringa100 campaign. Incredible!
A sincere “Ačiū! Ačiū! Ačiū!'” to each and every donor.*

The unexpectedly swift success of this campaign is such a strong testament to the value of Neringa and the strength of our community.

Let’s shout a hearty and happy “Valio!” for Neringa together with some of our donors and their kids: VALIO!

Stay tuned for information on next steps and celebrations.

“Neringa Visada!” Neringa Forever!

* see the amazing donor list and testimonials: